Welcome to Power & Process Control, formerly Power & Process Corp. of Suffern, NY. Power & Process Control is supported by the industry-leading engineers, technicians, and customer service representatives of Control Associates.


Engineered Packaged Systems

Engineered Packaged Systems —Our Engineered Packaged Systems group bring together equipment, controls, and piping fabrication to deliver easy to install skid mounted systems with single source responsibility. From sizing pumps, control valves, and heat exchangers to programming controls, we make sure that all of the equipment, instruments, and controls will seamlessly operate and communicate together.
  • Steam Pressure Reducing Stations (PRVs)
  • Pump and Heat Exchanger Packages for Building Heat
  • Boiler Deaerator Packages with Pumps, Tanks & Integrated Controls
  • Boiler Feed, Condensate, and Vacuum Condensate Units
  • Domestic Water Booster Pump Systems
  • Pre-Piped Pump Packages with Controls and/or VFDs
  • ASME Stamped Vessels, Certified Welding, X-Ray Inspection and Heat Treating Capability

Control and Isolation Valves

Fisher® —Manufacturer of control valves, severe service isolation valves, actuators, pneumatic controllers, positioners and accessories
  • Fisher® easy-e® - Globe Control Valves - ED, ES, ET and EZ
  • Fisher® Vee-Ball® - Rotary V-Notch Control Valves
  • Fisher® Z500 Severe Service Isolation Valves - Tight Shutoff Metal Seated Ball Valves for Steam Isolation Applications
  • Fisher® POSI-SEALTM - High Performance Butterfly Valves
  • BaumannTM - General Service Control Valves
  • Fisher® Wizard® - Pressure & Temperature Controllers (Pneumatic)
  • Fisher® Level-Trol® - Pneumatic and Electronic Digital Level Controller/Transmitter with Series 249 Displacer
  • Fisher® FIELDVUE® - Smart Microprocessor-based Valve Positioners with Self Diagnostics
  • Fisher® - Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Positioners
  • Fisher® - Electro-Pneumatic I/P Transducers
  • Low Noise Plates - Custom Engineered Economical Solutions for Reducing Aeodynamic Noise
  • Inline Silencers and Diffusers

Remote Automation Solutions

Emerson® Remote Automation Solutions — Manufacturer of Remote Terminal Units (RTU) designed for a variety of measurement and control applications, including steam and gas flow measurement
  • FloBossTM Flow Manager - Designed for flow measurement
  • ROC - Remote Operations Controller - A powerful, flexible RTU that includes features found in flow computers and PLCs, making them ideal for a wide range of applications requiring sophisticated measurement and control
  • Bristol ControlWave® - Controller, RTU, PLC, and SCADA Products


Fisher® Regulators — Pressure reducing regulators, relief valves and integrated regulating and metering systems solutions
  • Pressure and Back Pressure Relief Regulators
  • Temperature Regulators
  • Pilot and Direct Operated
  • Steam, Air, Water, Liquids and Natural Gas Applications

In shop and field services available from Control Associates:
  • RTU, PLC and SCADA Programming, Startup and Field Services
  • Control Panel Fabrication
  • Steam PRV Station Panel Fabrication
  • Steam PRV Station Tuning, Startup and Repair Services
  • VFD Programming, Startup and Field Services
  • Control System Data Interfaces to BMS (Building Management Systems)
  • Instrument and Control Valve Calibration Services
  • Laser Pump Alignment and Startup Services
  • Stress Analysis

  • Onsite Control Valve and Regulator Repair Services